Best camper truck rentals on Maui


At Camper Trucks Hawaii, we provide Premium RV's Rentals, equipped with everything you need to become the master of your own travel. Camping on Maui is an adventure unlike any other and with your own camper truck rental, you make all your decisions about where to go on Maui, while feeling free and cared for the entire time. Experience the Paradise that is Maui just like you always dreamed of!

1.  Choose the camper truck rental on Maui to fit your needs

Browse our collection of brand new camper trucks to find ideal RV rental. Search for your preferred days to go camping on Maui and get ready to book your island vacation!

2. Book your Maui vacation

Select your desired days and follow the booking process. Select your extras to enjoy your perfect Maui vacation and take in everything our beautiful island has to offer.

3. Pick up your camper truck rental on Maui

Arrange a pick up time with Camper Trucks Hawai'i at our location in Kahului, Maui. Find us at 106 Kane St Unit #105, in Kahului.

4. Get to know your camper truck rental

We are here to make your RV camping experience as smooth and easy as possible so that you can enjoy your dream vacation on Maui! Learn with our Customer Rep. every single aspect of both the Truck and the Camper.

5. Hit the road!

With a camper rental, you get the best of all worlds — you get to see all the sights on Maui your heart desires and enjoy the comfort of living in an RV! Enjoy the freedom of the open road and the assurance of 24/7 customer assistance.

6. Return your camper truck rental

After your great Maui adventure, it’s time to return the RV to the same place in the same condition you received it. 

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